Spec Ops: The Line Demo or What the Desert?

Rabidgames has been looking forward to Spec Ops: The Line.
A shooter with a different setting and a mature story, no dumb patriotic war hero bollocks for a change, and tactical shooter gameplay.

Well, that was the plan.
The demo has unveiled a sad truth however: Spec Ops: The Line … what we have is another rather bland third person shooter.

Yes, graphics and sound are decent, yes, the story might be interesting (conspiracy and such) – but the gameplay itself is rather stale: Spec Ops: The Line is basically one more military shooter where you do nothing but runnin’ and gunnin’ through linear levels. The only tactical thing is pressing RB and telling your team who to shoot. Not too impressive.

On the highest possible difficulty in the demo, enemies die almost faster than you can shoot them. Spec Ops: The Line tries to give Rabidgames diversity in shooting things: You shoot from a chopper, you use a sniper rifle, you run and gun … but you’ve seen, done and shot it all before. It’s not that Spec Ops: The Line is particularly bad – it’s a solid demo, and it en par with the likes of Call of Duty (actually, it’s better). It just does nothing to tell you “look, I’m special”. The only special thing is the city of Dubai surrounded by dunes as huge as skyscrapers … whatever has been going on there must have been something weird …

Rabidgames is disillusioned: Spec Ops: The Line had potential. Story-wise, it might still have. But the gameplay is a case of “seen to many times”. It’s just not something special. Worth renting, worth buying for 10 or maybe 15 quid, but sadly, not a day one purchase.


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