The Elder Scrolls – Of good DLC and bad MMO Delusions

This week has been a turbulent one for fans of The Elder Scrolls Series: First, Bethesda announced some DLC for Skyrim, then the company announced a MMO in its Elder Scrolls universe.

Let’s start with the awful news: An Elder Scrolls MMO? Really?
The idea alone is a strange one: The Elder Scrolls is a godsdamn singleplayer franchise with real time combat where we explore giant and detailed worlds. It’s highly immersive. Plus, it is our individual world. Rabidgames doesn’t know about you, but he does not want to meet “real” people in his very own Elder Scrolls games.

True, in general, a MMO could perhaps achieve the impossible and preserve The Elder Scrolls magic. But the first bits of information make sure The Elder Scrolls Online won’t achieve a proper Elder Scrolls feeling: No real time combat, no first person view, no free character development, no dragons … instead, you get your ordinary MMO stuff: Groups, instances, PvP … just have a look at the first screenshot: Does this look like an Elder Scrolls title or rather like one of the many WOW clones?

It seems fans won’t get a proper The Elder Scrolls MMO, instead, they will get an bland, non-distinct MMO randomly set in The Elder Scrolls world. You can bet we’ll hear some “WOW killer” babble soon … Anyway, the good news is it won’t be Bethesda itself which will make that disgusting MMO thingy … which means there is still hope for decent Fallout and The Elder Scrolls singleplayer titles!


OK, now that we have the bad news out out the way, let’s have a look at the good one: New food for our Skyrim adventurers!
It’s rather rare Rabidgames views DLC as good news, but in this case, there’s the exception to the rule.

The only thing we’ve seen from Dawnguard so far is one single image. Agreed, this image alone is nothing worthwhile.

However, some patch notes may hint to a coming tale of the Snow Elves (maybe in their glorious form, not as twisted Falmer); maybe we’ll get to see them in flesh; several lines are called “SnowPrinceDialogue”. Moreover, the patch mentions crossbows and vampire feeding animations, plus something “RF”.  Sounds pretty good so far.

We don’t know when Dawnguard will hit us but we know Xbox 360 users will be graced with one month of exclusivity (so that’s where the money for Rabidgames‘ Gold subscription goes, thanks a lot MS).

Rabidgames wonders: Why do publishers think tacking on multiplayer or making an MMO out of each and every franchise is a good idea? Hint: It is not. Look at Skyrim: Can you imagine the beauty, the mystery and the immersion of its giant landscapes, of its dark dungeons and its lively taverns could be preserved in a MMO where everyone just LOLs and ROFLs? Of course, if Bethesda still focuses on its singleplayer games The Elder Scrolls MMO will be nothing but a sad footnote in history while we enjoy Fallout 4 and the next Elder Scrolls installment …


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