A Normal Day in Mass Effect 3 MP

Once in a while, Rabidgames chooses to use the blog not for rants, praises or news, sometimes blogging just means writing down some experiences Rabidgames had in the MP of Mass Effect 3.

Of course, some of them are boring, so here are some hilarious ones:

First, Rabidgames played as a Quarian Infiltrator. But here’s the thing – Rabidgames is a terribad Infiltrator. It wasn’t even the other guys shockwaving around, it was Rabidgames‘ inability to snipe properly. That’s quite bad if you try to do the convenient Firebase White/Geth/Gold combination. The only effective means of helping the team was to sabotage Geth Primes so take some stress off the team (plus, the odd stealthy revive action). In the end, the Infiltrator was merely more than a helpless whelp, scoring just 40.000 points.

Rabidgames promised to do better, and did as an Salarian Engineer. Once more, it was the White/Geth/Gold camping strategy – the only problem was there were 2 guys camping and 2 running around. As a result, the party was overwhelmed rather often. You know something is wrong when a Salarian Engineer gets the most points and has to solo the end of 2 waves – among it wave 10, killing 4 Geth Primes in total. All hail the decoy.

Afterwards, Rabidgames decided to promote his Engineers. Then, he proceeded to bring his Geth Engineer to level 11. On Firebase Hydra, Rabidgames watched a peculiar scenario: Two guys glitched themselves up on the scenery to have better sniping angles. Of course, it didn’t help they refused to come down to do their Infiltrator business on wave 6, meaning the whole team went down … on Bronze! Here’s a question: Dear Infiltrators, why don’t you cloak?

Rabidgames is addicted: Yes, finally the multiplayer addiction Rabidgames fought off for many, many years infected him. Anyway, enough of this blogging stuff for now. Rabidgames is off to collect some money to finally unlock the Asari Adept! The last time Rabidgames tried, he got the Krogan Battlemaster … he doesnt’ really want!


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