The Walking Dead – Yay or Nay?

Rabidgames faces a dilemma. He played the trial version of The Walking Dead‘s first episode – and he is divided.

On the one severed hand, The Walking Dead seems to be a pretty cool Adventure game (although it rather seems like an Adventure light) which is story heavy – sounds good to Rabidgames. The atmosphere is pretty dark, there are tons of choices to make in the very first minutes – all good.

On the other mutilated hand, The Walking Dead is full of QTE. Mind you, Rabidgame hates QTE. Let’s not go into detail here (too much venom to spew at such a rampant disease) – but if there are many QTE this is a dealbreaker.

So, Rabidgames asks you a question: Is The Walking Dead still worth a purchase if you hate QTE?

Rabidgames is torn: Good atmosphere, interesting story, some adventure feeling … and QTE. Life’s truly a bitch, huh?


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