Dragon’s Dogma’s Demo or Lots of Fun To Come

So, Rabidgames has played the demo for Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma:
It’s good. Really good. Surprisingly good.

While the first level is nothing but a tutorial and one final boss battle, the second one is even less – it is just a boss battle.

However, the gameplay is amazing: You can hack and slay to your heart’s content, there are many different combinations (you get to see them in the Griffon battle – a rogue has 3 basic attacks, 3 blade attacks (RB) and 3 bow attacks (LB); plus, you can grab and throw enemies).
But the most awesome game mechanic is climbing bosses (just make sure you jump down before the griffon is in mid air …).

The demo for Dragon’s Dogma also allows you to fully customise your character and your individual pawn – you can import it later. There are tons of options, and it seems you can create everything from a Yoda-like bald dwarf to the ultimate amazon hunk.

Oh, and this cool video tells you 2 things:

  1. You can create weird pawns – and there are even weird clothes. Good.
  2. Enemies are way harder in the full game than they are in the demo. Damn good.

Rabidgames is really looking forwards to 25 May: Dragon’s Dogma succeeds in one basic area – the game is fun to play! There is only one potentual issue – will Capcom disc lock half the content once more? Surely, this would be dealbreaker to even boycott such a promising game.


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