Mass Effect 3 – Another theory

[Obviously, obvious spoilers inside]

Alright, Rabidgames is pretty sure everyone knows right now about Mass Effect 3‘s Indoctrination Theory (IT):
If you don’t, here it is in a nutshell: Shepard has been indoctrinated (possibly from Object Rho); signs are vent boy, the weird dreams, and the whole final sequence in the Citadel – according to IT, Shepard is still unconscious while the Reapers try to dominate Shepard’s mind. The only way out is actually the Destroy ending, leaving Shepard’s mind intact but the body still broken.

While IT explains all the weird and nonsense stuff going on (destruction of mass relays, Joker pissing off), it fails to explain a couple of other things – why the need for EMS? Does it play any role? And even if Shepard survives with high EMS, Shepard never reached the Citadel, there is no hope, the Reapers win.

Also, there’s another blatant question – why on earth did the Reapers bring the Citadel to the Sol System, thereby allowing the Crucible to be completed?

Well, one guy at the Bioware forums found a possible answer: Hackett was indoctrinated.
Wait, what? Admiral Hackett indoctrinated?

Bear with Rabidgames, it actually makes some sense:

  1. Arrival: During the events of Arrival, Hackett sent only Shepard there, alone. We know his agent Dr. Kenson had been indoctrinated by Object Rho – can we be sure Hackett hasn’t been indoctrinated as well?
  2. At the beginning of Mass Effect 3, Hackett is gone. We’ll never get to know why.
  3. Hackett seems to know many answers: The plans on Mars, where to keep the Crucible safe, Shepard is alive and well in the Citadel near the end.

But the theory does not stop there:

It might even explain why the Crucible and the galactic fleet are amassed in the Sol System – whatever Shepard does, it will only benefit the Reapers. Ever wondered why the Reapers had most of their forces on earth? Maybe it is because they know Shepard will target to take earth back. It’s a perfect trap!

The Crucible itself is actually a weapon which allows the Reapers to destroy the Mass Relays, thereby disabling galactic travel – but they need an organic to overwrite the Prothean security protocol built into the Citadel first! Let’s see: If you choose Control or Synthesize, the Reapers won. Even if you choose Destroy, their forces in the Sol system will be annihilated but they will still win in the long run – remember, we’ve never seen any proof all reapers throughout the galaxy get destroyed.

Plus, Harbinger leaves, not killing Shepard (which seems odd) – why? Well, Harbinger knows Shepard might choose Destroy so he makes the most of his time when Shepard is unconscious, leaving the Sol System.

The effect is a bitter one: While all galactic forces are in one system, the Reapers are still everywhere. And here’s some bittersweet irony: The higher your EMS the more you fucked the galaxy by bereaving it from its fleets.

Now, of course, there are some holes in this theory (e.g. why does it have to be Shepard to overwrite the Prothean protocol, why not the Illusive Man?) – yet, it feels we’ve come a few steps closer to the truth behind the awful ending. Finally, there is an explanation to some plot holes:

  • Why is the Citadel moved to earth?
  • Why do the Reapers never find out about the Crucible – even if the indoctrinated Rachni Queen is there?
  • Why do the Reapers leave the Citadel and the Crucible alone?
  • Why doesn’t Harbinger kill off Shepard?
  • Why does Harbinger flee?

Rabidgames wonders: The more theories come up, the more interesting it gets, the more clusterfucks of ideas there are. Of course, there is also the possibility Bioware tells us we have to take the ending at face value – but then, we could at least argue Bioware has been indoctrinated …


One Response to “Mass Effect 3 – Another theory”

  1. I’m very late to this party and am ticked off at Bioware a couple of years too late..
    But I love it.. Bioware is Indoctrinated lmfao! 🙂 I agree

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