The Witcher 2 – First Impressions

Ha, it seems 2011 is the year when video games get it right:

First, we had Kingdoms of Amalur showing what the Fable series could have been.
Now, we (as Xbox 36 gamers) get to play The Witcher 2 – a mature RPG which outright pisses on Dragon Age 2‘s poor try to aim at adult gamers!

The first thing you’ll notice is one important thing: Projekt Red has the gamer in mind:

You can choose your language (the UK version is poor there – the only options are English and Polish, but it seems continental gamers can choose between English, German, French and maybe more), you can adjust The Witcher 2 to HD or SD settings (so you get a bigger font and can read everything on an old TV as well), you can switch off many QTE (Rabidgames praises Projekt Red for this decision!) … as you see, it is possible to have the customer in mind after all. Also, it should be noted the regular version of The Witcher 2 come with more goodies than most special versions these days – and oh yes, there is not one single code to activate some locked content. Kudos!

Afterwards, you start playing The Witcher 2. If you skip the tutorial (which also serves to test your battle skills and propose a difficulty setting for you) you’ll start straight with the brand new prologue – some nudity included. If you haven’t played The Witcher 1 (such as yours truly) you won’t understand much – strange kingdoms, peoples and names … Yet, the game manages to tell its story really well and you get quickly drawn into a racist, violent and gritty fantasy world made specifically by adults for adults. The fighting system seems clunky at first but as soon as you begin to understand how it all comes together, it becomes interesting – and challenging. Plus, CD Projekt has not forgotten to add some humour:Near the beginning, you’ll find a nice little easter egg in the shape of a dead guy who resembles a certain Assassin’s Creed protagonist next to an overthrown hay cart …

Rabidgames excuses himself: Yes, this is just a report after 4 or maybe 5 hours of playing – but one thing is for sure: If you are looking for a RPG which manages to stand out, The Witcher 2 should be yours today.


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