Crysis 3 Announced – Back in NY!

So, EA has just confirmed Crysis 3 is to be released in spring 2013 for the obvious candidates (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC).

We’ll be Prophet once more – and once more, we’ll fight, sneak and kill in New York City. But this time around, NY comes with a twist: The city is apparently shrouded in a “Nanodome” and is now an urban jungle – literally. Furthermore, Crytek and EA talk about the “Seven Wonders”, seemingly different settings or levels in Crysis 3. Of course, the nanosuit will be a big help in fighting human and alien enemies while we’ll be able to use a composite bow … by the way, what exactly is the fascination with bows? Why would a hi-tech fighting machine rely on bows? Weird.

As common these days, the most vital information to be given out to the media is not stuff like engine, gameplay or controls – no, it’s the fucking pre-order bonuses for Crysis 3. Yeah, they’re all over the place again! Depending on your favourite store, you’ll get different early unlocks for MP. And there’s the special “Hunter Edition” which gives early access to the composite bow and its accessories, and the Hunter nanosuit for MP. Plus, you’ll get some bonus XP for the MP of Crysis 3.

Rabidgames wonders: Who gives a shit about pre-order stuff? Shouldn’t the developers be more concerned with a better sandbox experience? A better story? Sigh.


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