The Witcher 2 Launch Trailer

CD Projekt has given us one more chance to have a look at The Witcher 2 – well, a last look before the official release on Tuesday, that is.
Whatever it might be called, it is basically a launch trailer to make our mouths water … and boy, they suceed:

Of course, if you happened to be luck enough to snatch a copy of The Witcher 2 from Tesco earlier on Friday (until Eurogamer ratted Tesco out at least) you’re already knee-deep in blood, mud and the occasional fling … sadly, Rabidgames isn’t.

Btw – this time, Rabidgames has ordered a game from … we’ll see if it arrives on time – it’s not even dispatched yet and no, it’s no super-fast special delivery this time …

No later than by the end of the week, Rabidgames will be able to tell if The Witcher 2 is really the strong (RPG) GOTY contender it seems to be. Until then, it’s time to check the rival worlds of Skyrim, Amalur and Mass Effect again …

Rabidgames wants: It seems to be a great time for RPG fans, that’s for sure. But The Witcher 2 is more than just one more RPG – CD Projekt deserves our money way more than most rivals because they listen to their fans and give them tons of content – including free DLC, maps, books and a fucking manual(!) – all for the price of a standard edition! Support CD Projekt, support Projekt Red. Let’s show the big players we care about two things: Dedication and quality!


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