The Multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 or A Pleasant Surprise

Yes, Rabidgames admits it: He is addicted to the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3.

To put this confession into perspective:
Rabidgames never played the MP of titles like COD or Battlefield.
Rabidgames barely touched the MP of Crysis 2, GTA IV, WWE ’12, Assassin’s Creed or Red Dead Redemption – quite likely, it was GTA IV which held the price for “Most Played Game Played Online So Far” for years – and that might have been mere 20 hours …

However, Mass Effect 3 is a different story:
Rabidgames has put probably more than 50 hours into the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 – and there is no end in sight!
But why?

First of all, it is cooperative MP. Rabidgames hates “competitive” MP games; it is nothing but 90% quick reactions (and Rabidgames is not the biggest shooter fan, so guess who dies first?) and 10% tactics. But cooperative MP can be fun – at least theoretically. Most games do it wrong when they just deliver your ordinary horde MP. For instance, Rabidgames looks at Saints Row The Third‘s Whored Mode – it’s fun for 5 minutes, but afterwards, it becomes incredibly boring!

Second, the MP of Mass Effect 3 is actually fun. And it is a simple equation: Just take the one thing that differentiates Mass Effect from all the other shooters and implement it into the MP: The powers. If you happen to be in a great team with two adepts who time their biotic explosions you won’t fire many shots. An engineer relies on his powers way more than on his avenger.

Admittedly, Rabidgames sucks as some classes: As an Infiltrator, Rabidgames is always at the bottom of the list (although it is a great class for reviving team mates and fulfilling objectives unnoticed). Vanguard means many deaths, too. On the other hand, Rabidgames loves Engineers- a drone here and there, Incinerate everywhere, now that’s fun! Krogans soldiers are beasts in Rabidgames’ controller as well … Luckily, there are other players who excel as Vanguards or Infiltrators (but might fail as Engineers) so there is definitely some balance to be found in the MP of Mass Effect 3.

The enemies are balanced as well. While the Geth are solely relying on firepower and their damn clandestine Geth Hunters, Cerberus moves in tactically – while the Reapers are the ultimate badasses – including their all-powerful Banshees who can suck you in from a kilometre away to instant-kill you! The playgrounds are alright as well although most are not designed for long-range battles (which is a shame).

So, is all well in the MP world of Mass Effect 3?
Unfortunately, it is not.

For once, there is a technical side effect: Lags, glitches, lost connections are all a huge pain in the ass. Vanguard might be the class most affected by it but if a Banshee “teleports” half a kilometre to instantly kill you your class doesn’t matter. The patch didn’t really help there btw.

Another thing is the awkward way you unlock new characters. It’s pure chance. Rabidgames has a N7 rank of 207 right now – and still has not unlocked the Asari Adept. Let’s not talk about the new classes here … Rabidgames would love to include them in his review of the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 – but despite having spent more than half a million credits for unlocking the new classes via Spectre packs – no luck at all!
Bioware, fix this, please! It’s ridiculous.

Rabidgames is addicted: Damn, this is unheard of. Finally, there is a multiplayer to Rabidgames’ liking – and a damn good one. If only the class unlocks were more accessible! Alright, maybe next time. Off to some rounds of Silver … time to promote the Engineer one more. Oh, this addiction … 


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    Hello, I really appreciate your post, it seems that you know what are you doing. I’ll be looking forward for next article of yours….

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