New Multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3 – For Free!

Bioware is on a crusade to win the disappointed fans back – and it’s looking good!

On 10 April, we are about to get a new MP DLC pack for Mass Effect 3 – for free!
Included are some new characters, 2 new maps and a couple of new weapons.

We’ll get the following cool classes in the DLC packed called Resurgence:

  • Batarian Soldier
  • Batarian Sentinel
  • Geth Infiltrator
  • Geth Engineer
  • Krogan Vanguard
  • Asari Justicar Adept

Bioware even released a video to show the new characters and the new maps of the Resurgence DLC:

Rabidgames is pleased: A free DLC is a treat we always take. Let’s just hope they will be unlocked easier and faster than this damn Asari Adept Rabidgames still has not unlocked yet …


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