DLC for Mass Effect 3 – what will we get?

DLC for Mass Effect 3 is a no-brainer.
We just don’t know what will come. Rabidgames has a look at some options:

1. Multiplayer Stuff

That’s an obvious one. More maps, more skins, more weapons. People actually buy such stuff in return for their money. Why is simply beyond Rabidgames‘ comprehension. Let’s face it: The maps ain’t that different, neither are the weapons. The only intriguing thing in Mass Effect 3‘s case would be amazing characters – and Rabidgames admits: He would pay for a Rachni soldier, the amazing Blasto or a Volus biotic god!
Or maybe Bioware plays smartly and combines MP DLC with some solid SP content for Mass Effect 3.

2. Retaking Omega

Yes, we’re already working for Aria. Yes, there are some sound files in Mass Effect 3 dealing with Omega. So it won’t come as a surprise when this DLC will be revealed. And please, give us Omega as a second hub. The Citadel alone is simply not enough.

3. A new ending

That the big one, the one we’re all hoping for. Just one thing – Rabidgames bets it won’t be free so the next shitstorm is guaranteed.

4. A Batarian squad mate

The Batarians were gone before they had a chance. But what if we could play a Batarian who joins Shepard and gets us a nice war asset for our Mass Effect 3 endgame? Remember not all Batarians are scum: Garrus hired one for his Archangel operations. There’s hope for something new and fresh.

5. Blasto!

Now THAT would be awesome. Who would not want to shoot his way through criminals as Blasto, the Hanar version of Sledge Hammer? If you don’t know what Rabidgames is talking about, better check out the Citadel thoroughly.

6. Some vehicle

The Mako wasn’t the best vehicle, but the Hammerhead in Mass Effect 2 was shit. Chances are we get something new in Mass Effect 3 – but can we really expect a decent vehicle? Time will tell …

Rabidgames hopes: More Shadow Broker than Firewalker, more Kasumi than Zaeed please.


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