Prey 2 cancelled?


There are rumours buzzing through the net that the promising shooter Prey 2 has been cancelled.
Rabidgames is sad, really sad.


For once, Prey 2 looked superb. Rabidgames is not talking about graphics, he’s talking about gameplay: Instead of your usual FPS action, Prey 2 would allow for different strategies. And who would not want to be a intergalactic headhunter?

Watch some gameplay impressions here:

Another thing is – after Skyrim, we thought Bethesda would be one of the good guys (no Day 1 DLC, no online pass, no pre-order crap). Well, it seems we were wrong if the rumours are true. If you think Bethesda now, put them in a box with the likes of Activision, EA and Ubisoft – just walk the beaten paths where money is guaranteed to shine.

For some reason, developers shy away from games with different perspectives simply because they could fail – could! They don’t even know. But when Capcom decides to make a bland shooter out of Resident Evil 6 simply because drones buy Call of Duty  so they are “destined” to buy the next bland FPS … we shouldn’t be surprised any more …

Rabidgames hopes: The demise of Prey 2 has not been confirmed so all’s not lost yet. Even if Bethesda turns cuntish and cancels Prey 2 there might be another publisher jumping in – if we’re lucky (hello Square Enix, care to adopt another abandoned franchise?). But one thins is clear to see – the video game industry might thrive financially but the creative future looks pitch black.


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