Finally, the gaming media show their true colours!

It only took a botched ending of a blockbuster game.
Obviously, Rabidgames is talking about the lacklustre ending of Mass Effect 3.

What happened?

As soon as the first complaints from fans trickled in, no one cared. But then, the fans united.

The result: The gaming media are showing us where their loyalty lies: With publishers.

What a surprise now!
The same magazines that gave Mass Effect 3 glorious praise all over without even mentioning the ending farce (probably they never played through Mass Effect 3 in its entirety), the same magazines heavily advertising Mass Effect 3, are jumping to aid Bioware against the “entitled” fans all of a sudden …


Well, first, they cover their inability to detect the weak ending of Mass Effect 3 by defending “artistic integrity” and such. Ultimately, they just defend themselves (had they done their job properly there would have been reports of the useless ending in the reviews). Why no one is asking uncomfortable questions is beyond Rabidgames.

Second and far worse, many, many gaming magazines have revealed their true colours: Those smarmy gaming “journalists” don’t give a krogan’ shit about us gamers or about their supposed job to report objective facts about games – no, they feel “entitled” to protect the poor, poor publishers – and then they try to convince their readers, aka us, that we are nothing but spoilt, annoying little brats. How dare we criticise a game?

This leads to pamphlets like this:
Game Informer tried to play clever by making fun of the fans (admittedly, some over-reacted slightly). For some reason, they also put in this seemingly ridiculous statement:
All Mass Effect DLC should be released on day one, should be free, and should be distributed on the game disc.
Excuse Rabidgames – but it used to be exactly like this 10 years ago! Back then, we bought a game, we got ourselves a full, complete game! Stop defending greedy DLC, for fuck’s sake!

Rabidgames shudders: We can learn one thing from the despicable stance of many gaming magazines: They don’t exist to give us objective information, they don’t depend on us reading them. Instead, they are nothing more than a thinly disguised mouthpiece of the big publishers. We might have sensed it before (supreme ratings for big games with heavy ads) but know we know.


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