Mass Effect 3 and a new ending – but was it planned all along?

Apparently, the shitstorm has prevailed: Bioware seems to finally buckle to the millions and millions of enraged gamers demanding a proper and true ending for Mass Effect 3.

So, have we won? Have you won? Has Rabidgames won?

At first glance, it is a victory of “entitled” gamers.
They lay siege on Bioware’s forum, they raised money for charity (although Penny Arcade’s new policy is not being “used for others’ attentions again” – that move seems weird at best), yes, they accomplished something.
Bioware issued the following statement regarding some closure in Mass Effect 3:

“Exec Producer Casey Hudson and the team are hard at work on a number of game content initiatives that will help answer the questions, providing more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey.”

Well, let’s overlook the weird double speak “game content initiative” for a second … let’s assume we’ll eventually get what we’ve been craving for – closure. But how? Surely, it means DLC for Mass Effect 3, and surely, we’ll have to pay for it.

Have we really won?

Take a close look at the ending of Mass Effect 3. There are some events which cannot be explained with the indoctrination theory (Normandy fleeing the battle, the destruction of the mass relays). Whatever you can come up with, the puzzle is still missing some pieces. How is this possible?

This makes Rabidgames think: What if it was EA’s and/or Bioware’s plan all along to give us the real Mass Effect 3 ending via DLC? What if we have been fooled big time? Fuck, we did them a big favour by publicly demanding closure! If Bioware have indeed been plotting to release the proper closure via DLC we just gave them what they needed: Acceptance for story-driven DLC.

What does it mean?
Bioware and EA might be able to save themselves by giving us what we want – even if we have to pay for it!
That’s something new – gamers asking to get relieved of cash – in return for the ending that should have been there from the start!
Rabidgames says – that’s a terrible precedence!

We’ll see where we’ll go from here.

Rabidgames predicts: This shitstorm proved one thing – companies can get away with everything if they just play their cards right. Kudos to Bioware for making us believe we need a proper ending so much we’ll gladly pay for it. Shame on us for being fooled though!


2 Responses to “Mass Effect 3 and a new ending – but was it planned all along?”

  1. I do hope they are not thinking of leaving the ending like that for mass effect 3. They must be working on some thing as I type.

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