Mass Effect’s 3 ending – WTF?

Obviously, spoiler alert for the Mass Effect 3 endgame and stuff.

Don’t get Rabidgames wrong – Mass Effect 3 is an amazing game and a unique experience of storytelling, combined with some harsh storytelling which makes you doubt your decisions – but this “ending” … it’s simply unacceptable.

Excuse Rabidgames but what the hell happened there?

How in the galaxy did Bioware come up with … this excuse for an ending?

First of all: Shouldn’t an ending bring closure? This one surely doesn’t!
On the contrary, Bioware pulls the deus ex machina and debuts a new character, hell, even a new race in the last 10 minutes of Mass Effect 3.

Actually, this character gives you interesting choices and there are tons of theories about the choices – some argue the whole Citadel sequence is not real and Shepard has been indoctrinated.
Anyway, up until you choose, it’s not too bad. People would have accepted it, Rabidgames accepted it.

Shit starts to hit the fan right afterwards:

No matter what you do, all mass relays will be destroyed. Why? Bioware knows. No explanation given.

The Normandy stopped fighting the Reapers, fucks off and eventually strands on an alien planet. Why? No one knows!

Obviously, your amassed readiness points play a role in the Destroy ending – but elsewhere? Fuck knows!

See, Rabidgames’ problem is closure, not the rather unfortunate ending itself (happy endings suck, anyways). We need explanations for our questions – and those three ones above are just the tip of the iceberg! And it is dumb, ignorant and outright insane to expect fans to be happy with either Bioware writers explaining the ending to us (why not implementing it into Mass Effect 3 in the first place?) or Bioware giving us a DLC with the proper ending (again, why not implementing it into Mass Effect 3 in the first place?). Let’s face it, Bioware fucked it up big time. There’s no other explanation.

We’ve accompanied our personal Shepard for three games, hundreds of hours, we’ve seen friends die, races extinguished … and get nothing. Hell, the worst thing is that brain-dead “buy some DLC” message right after the credits. Fuck off!

Rabidgames fumes: Throughout the last weeks, Bioware has suffered an relentless onslaught of disappointed fans, including bizarre stuff like raising money for a DLC ending or suing Bioware for breaching promises or something. While those actions seem odd at best, gamers have a point – that’s no ending! Bioware, you failed. Miserably. Your’re not worthy of ascension, that’s for sure!


3 Responses to “Mass Effect’s 3 ending – WTF?”

  1. Abelius Says:

    Totally with you, friend.

    This “all-in-one” ending is the dumbest crap I’ve ever seen in a trilogy. 😛

  2. Luckily for me, I saw the ending on youtube and decided not to play it to the end. The sad thing, as funny as it is though, that I’ve been playing it so hard for so many countless hours just to realize I’ve been totally wasting my time, fuck that moni — but time. Unfortunately, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, BioWare had that power over it’s clients, but together with corruption there came an ending to their business itself. Fuck them. Good for them they all are so dumb they cannot feel the shame of what they have done to a common folk, bad side is, everything has it’s ending, they chose their own too soon.

  3. We remember all those who worked on this game….if ever again, the choices will be as per the low of karma….

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