Sleeping Dogs or Finally a good True Crime game?

The question is: Should we curse or thank Activision for burying True Crime: Hong Kong?

On the one hand, it just shows how greedy and disgusting Activision has become – everything that does not shit dollars or vomits pounds must be shot dead and left to rot. On the other hand though, it might be released earlier now than it would have been had Activision had the game in its ugly clutches … although the price is the new name Sleeping Dogs.

Now, Square Enix has the chance to reveal if the True Crime series may rise to gamers’ fame even if it had to change its name (not exactly a tragedy given the luke-warm reception). Word of mouth and some videos give us hope Sleeping Dogs will be better than the abysmal Streets of L.A. and the better yet glitchy and repetitive True Crime: New York. At the very least, we have a unique setting! If you watch this video you can see some solid action, too:

Rabidgames hopes: It’s about time we get to play a traditional sandbox game again. GTA is more a crime simulation these days, while the Saints Row series is completely insane – which is not a bad thing per se, but Saints Row The Third has been neglecting the sandbox roots. Maybe Sleeping Dogs can find a place in the abandoned niche. We’ll see.


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