Rabidgames’ Mass Effect 3 speed run

OK, so everyone is talking about the end of Mass Effect 3 – and Rabidgames can’t right now.

Since spoilers are not an option and the ending seems to be a big deal, Rabidgames has no other choice but to do something he doesn’t usually do: A speed run of Mass Effect 3!

Just rushing through the main story in order to get to the end is an alien concept to Rabidgames who prefers digging each corner of the game’s universe in search of something.
But OK, Bioware and the fan feedback forced Rabidgames to take extreme measures.
Of course, this will be done using a new character without any previous experiences in the Mass Effect universe. Everything else would be insane!

Rabidgames is afraid: If doing this, it would make sense to go for the possible worst ending … which probably means everybody lies. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. Wish Rabidgames luck.


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