Mass Effect’s infamous From Ashes or Disc-Locked Prothean

Alright, so Rabidgames has played From Ashes now. Guess what?

To make it short, Bioware’s decision to remove a fucking Prothean from Mass Effect 3‘s main game is a huge dick move.
Sure, our old dear Jamaican friend might not play a vital role in the main story of Mass Effect 3, that’s true.

But – his first dialogues alone offer more insights into Prothean culture than anything else before! We get to know why the beacons worked the way they did, we get to know why the Protheans studied Asari, Humans and those Salarian “lizards” … and we get to know stuff about the Protheans Liara would have never imagined! Let’s say they’re not really the kind and benevolent race we imagined them to be in the Mass Effect universe …

The mission itself is pretty much straight-forward: Collect data to release the Prothean from his coffin, collect some more data to help Eden Prime in their war against Cerberus, and kill hundreds of Cerberus troops all the time. It’s alright but not that great to be honest. Oh yeah, and you get an extra weapon. Fair enough.

But the dick move is taking out a character which lines are in the final game (at least partially), who was mentioned back when the story had been leaked and who was supposed to play a bigger role in Mass Effect 3 probably. Why the fuck did Bioware the need to do that? They could have taken out Vega, alright – but a Prothean? One member of a “extinct” race the whole Mass Effect lore revolves around?

Please bear in mind Rabidgames bought the Collectors Edition and received From Ashes for free so the complaint has nothing to do with feeling ripped off personally … but let’s face it, we better get used to the idea of getting half games in the near future … after all, we buy DLC like cattle!

Rabidgames disapproves: Look where are right now – Final Fantasy XIII-2 offers endings and arenas as DLC, Mass Effect 3 will probably do the same – plus, Bioware tore an important character out of the game just to rip people off. That’s just fucking greedy and a big shame. Yes, you should have played From Ashes – and yes, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN FREE FOR ALL OF US!


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