Rabidgames’ Royal Mail Mass Effect 3 Ordeal

Thanks to our dear friends at GAME, Rabidgames had to rearrange his Mass Effect 3 purchase. Of course, the first option would have been shopto, since they always seem to deliver early. But because they didn’t have the CE in stock back then, Rabidgames chose to trust Gamestop UK …

Well, let’s see how that plays out, starting from Wednesday until the arrival of Rabdigames‘ CE of Mass Effect 3.

Wednesday, 3pm: Express delivery takes 1-3 days. To make sure it arrives in time, Gamestop should send it today.

Wednesday, 4pm: No sign of life, slightly worried Rabidgames wrote an email to ask if his CE is still alive and breathing.

Wednesday, 5pm: Reply: “We Guarantee all express delivery orders to be delivered for the day of release.” Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Wednesday, 11pm: All hopes of getting Mass Effect 3 early smashed to pieces. Sad Rabidgames crying in bed.

Thursday, 12am: Still nothing. RabidgamesMass Effect 3 still slumbering in some anonymous warehouse.

Thursday, 2pm: Rabidgames wrote another, slightly nervous email to Gamestop, begging them to wake up CE.

Thursday, 5pm: Finally, CE has left the warehouse. Invoice included. Should arrive tomorrow. Hopefully.

Thursday, 6pm: Another email from Gamestop, assuring me CE is on its way to Rabidgames. Pulse normal.

Friday, 3am: Woken from nightmare. CE on doorstep but abducted by Aliens. Could have been Cerberus, too.

Friday, 8am: Got an email from Royal Mail: “Your item is now ready for delivery and we will attempt to deliver it today …” Attempt? What is this supposed to mean?

Friday, 9am: No luck so far. Patiently waiting.

Friday, 10am: Still no postman in sight. Then again, they usually come around 11. Biting nails …

Friday, 11am: Hallucinating. Postmen everywhere but which is the real one? Maybe the one in the sky?

Friday, 11:21: Finally, it is there! Hooray, off to playing now.

What does this never-racking, roller-coaster, borderline insane experience tell us?
For once, ordering online will always fall flat compared to walking into a store and buying the game of your choice at 9am sharp. Let’s hope GAME will find a buyer who will actually fulfill his promises and stock games people pre-order.

Rabidgames is a happy panda now: Finally, it’s there. See you, world. Btw, as Mass Effect 3 is being installed, hopefully, all of you had luck as well – it seems Amazon and a few other culprits screwed some of their orders …

Please note some slight alterations to reality have been performed in order to increase dramatical tension. Specifically, Rabidgames did not cry like a baby.


2 Responses to “Rabidgames’ Royal Mail Mass Effect 3 Ordeal”

  1. Some people complain about graphics but that isn’t as much as an issue for me. I am a hard line gamer who still pulls out the classics from the 80s and 90s and can generally forgive not-as-good graphics for a good story or game that is simply fun to play. Mass Effect 3 is, for the most part, both. That being said, the graphics weren’t terrible and I feel that this is really a non-issue.

  2. You also see Major Kirrahe who promises to fight by your side no matter which way the political tide turns. What is frustrating is that I expected a full scale, epic battle where all sorts of people I have rallied were fighting by my side. Literally. I don’t think that this was a wrong or misleading assumption. But this isn’t what I got. Perhaps my expectations here were far too high.

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