Rabidgames’ Mass Effect 3 Confession

We all know our main goal in Mass Effect 3 is to take back earth.
Bioware and EA don’t tire of telling us again and again, at the least.
If you want proof, just watch this new live action trailer for Mass Effect 3:

But Rabidgames has to confess: He doesn’t give a fuck about earth, and even his Paragon would gladly sacrifice one planet to save the rest of the galaxy.

Now, what does Rabidgames care for in Mass Effect 3?

  • The Rachni: They are the best race in the whole Mass Effect universe. Rabidgames wants the Rachni to play a vital part in Mass Effect 3.
  • The Illusive Man: Paragon Shepard wants to take down him and Cerberus, while Renegade Shepard wants to take his place to rule the whole galaxy with a human fist!
  • Wrex: Will he be able to unite the Krogans? And what will happen to the genophage?

But earth? Who cares?
By the time we return with a huge galactic armada, everyone is dead anyway …

But maybe that’s just Rabidgames speaking nerdish  – who or what will you care for in Mass Effect 3?


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