How Rabidgames ordered Mass Effect 3’s CE or Fuck GAME!

Ah, GAME … remember them? They’ll be an afterthought soon. Just take a picture while you can.

While this certainly is not a good thing (without rivaling retailers, prices might shoot up, less choice for us), it comes as no surprise. Rabidgames will spare with all the financial, fiscal and economical bollocks – customers don’t care about all of this.
However, they care about one thing: Transparency!

If shit hits GAME’s fan these days, guess what happens – customers get hit, too. Stop lying to us!

First, it was just this one title, then it was just PS Vita release games, now it’s each and every EA title. All the while, GAME representatives tell the press: “Everything’s kind of fine, nothing to worry about for our customers”.

Guess what: We won’t worry about it soon. We’ll order online, we’ll go to HMV or hope to find a small, independent gaming related store (good luck there though). We might like browsing your stores but we don’t need them. On the other hand, you need us! If we’re gone now, we’re gone for good. Even if GAME recovers, why should we trust you again?

One more thing, fellow gamers: Don’t take it out on those poor sods who stand in your local GAME stores. They’re not to blame for anything, they might end up unemployed, they take all the shit. Those [redacted for legal reasons] responsible for the downfall will end up wit shitloads of money while their former employees will be on the dole. Oh, the joys of capitalism …

OK, back to part 1 of the title.
After Rabidgames didn’t get a call from GAME, didn’ receive an email from GAME, but had to read at Eurogamer GAME won’t stock Mass Effect 3 (yep, that’s piss poor customer care) he had to think “what now?”

Browsing the web in search of a new copy brought Rabidgames to – and to the Collectors Edition of Mass Effect 3.

Sure, Rabidgames could have tried to fight off the temptation but it’s just a 20 quid difference (taking into account From Ashes). So, Rabidgames gave in to temptation and now, Mass Effect 3 will be delivered by Express (Rabidgames doesn’t trust Royal Mail any more, 3 lost packages within a year has been way too much).

Rabidgames thinks: Ironically, the downfall of GAME (which is all but likely) might lead to a not-that-hostile takeover by Gamestop. Gamestop is probably the global games retail leader but hasn’t managed to take a hold in Britain. This could be the chance to save retail – and ultimately, save a choice for all us of – especially for those who prefer physical copies.

UPDATE: Eurogamer told us of this dire situation in the morning, GAME started sending emails late afternoon. Better late than never, right? Still, GAME’s committing commercial and PR suicide with heir denial stance …

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