New trailer for The Witcher 2

CD Projekt reminds us there is one more RPG to be played after the likes of Kingdoms of Amalur or Mass Effect 3 – and that is one RPG which deserves our support: The Witcher 2 – Assassins Of Kings.

The latest trailer shows what it is all about: Politics and murder:

From all the praise Rabidgames has heard, The Witcher 2 seems to be one of the few mature games that manage to have great gameplay and to tell a good story. Comes 17 April, Rabidgames will see for himself.

Yet – which version to buy? The Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2 with all previous DLC packs, or the more expensive Dark Edition with tons of extras (and not one single in-game item, you’ll still get the complete package). Tough choice … so which edition would you buy:

The only downside is that PS3 users are left out in the cold – probably for good. At least CD Projekt’s stance is understandable: Do it only if you can do it right and if you can give 100%. Maybe next time …

Rabidgames says: Everyone who likes RPGs should definitely buy The Witcher 2 as soon as it comes out for the Xbox 360 (if you’re PC gamer you have played it anyway). That way, you reward yourself with a seemingly amazing game, plus you reward a developer who actually cares for his fans – show the industry and the corrupted giants such as EA and Activision that success is possible without ripping off customers as much as possible in as many twisted ways as imaginable.

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