MassEffect 3 and the Space Edition …

What the fuck is this?

Apparently, Bioware and EA have decided to send some copies of Mass Effect 3 to space, calling it “Mass Effect 3 Space Edition”.
Mind you, space in this contact means something like small balloons hovering in the air – it has nothing to do with model Normandies travelling to the dark side of the moon looking for Nazi bases there.

OK, it’s a nice publicity stunt accompanied by this strange video:

If you’re lucky (as in lucky beyond shit) you might even watch a Mass Effect 3 balloon in your garden and you will get the chance to play the game a couple of days earlier – and for free! Hooray?

But Rabdidgames wonders: How comers Bioware and EA talk about PR stunts, marketing tricks and DLC “additions” all the time – story-wise, all we’ve seen is a lacklustre invasion of earth and some salarian-krogan conspiracy. Please, show us some story love, for Sovereign’s sake!


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