Take Earth Back Trailer, part 2

So, here we are.
The Reapers attack Earth itself. Well, we’ve known if for some time, but now, we have CGI footage!

Bioware’s and EA’s new trailer shows how they’re going to do it in Mass Effect 3.
You can have a look at it here, if you have been somewhere else today:

But actually, that’s a part of the trailer for Mass Effect 3.
Last week, EA announced the trailer and gave us a trailer for this trailer.
Today, EA gave us the short version of the trailer as it was shown in some US TV channels.
Tomorrow, we will get the complete trailer.

Does this make any sense to anyone? It surely does not to Rabidgames!
But even worse, Ubisoft has done the same with Far Cry 3. Why on earth, why?
Have those companies maybe forgotten what a “trailer” is?

According to some dictionary, that’s what we commonly call a trailer:

“a series of short scenes from a film/movie or television programme, shown in advance to advertise it”

So let’s agree you use a trailer to advertise a medium (in this case Mass Effect 3). Fine.
But why having an ad for an incomplete ad followed by the full ad later on – all for the same game?
Again, does making an epic CGI action-to-the-brim trailer trilogy sense to anybody out there?

Rabidgames is confused and has to go to bed to sleep now.


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