That Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

You might expect a rant here and now, don’t you?
Actually, the dreaded multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 has turned out to be OK.

Not great, not bad, OK.

First of all, if you happen to work with people who work together, it’s fun. If you don’t, bad luck. Sadly, the demo only allows public matches so you depend on pure luck in that regard. Rabidgames was lucky enough to play the multiplayer demo of Mass Effect 3 at least once with people who worked together (although we still got killed half a minute before extraction the first time and barely managed to escape the second time, but hey, that’s what you get with random people).

That said, the demo is basically a Gears of War horde mode with a Mass Effect biotic/tech twist. It is pretty enjoyable to hit enemies with singularity and then blow them away with warp (Rabidgames has played as an adept) – even more when it’s teamwork. While it is enjoyable, it adds nothing new to the cluster of cooperative horde-like multiplayer games. But still, it is way more addictive than any other Horde mode Rabidgames has played so far (except maybe the insane Whored Mode in Saints Row The Third).

The enemy A.I. is relatively smart; those bastards always try to flank you and if your party doesn’t pay attention, you can get wiped out easily. The later levels include enemies like the Atlas mech, Guardians (those bastards with shields) and those damn fast phantoms. You can upgrade your powers, your weapons (including mods) and equipment (by buying stuff in the multiplayer store after finishing a mission) – and of course you can customize your character (most is just colours though). It’s fun to mess around a bit.

Of course it’s not perfect. There are some minor lags (considering it’s the demo EA might sort it out), some problems wit the controls (pressing A once is taking cover, pressing it twice is dodging …) and it is still unclear how much multiplayer success influences the campaign of Mass Effect 3 (hopefully not that much).

Rabidgames admits: Overall, the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is better than expected. It’s nothing new or unique, but for some reason, it is pretty addictive. Only time will tell if it is a worthy addition or rather an unnecessary gimmick to attract shooter fans to the Mass Effect universe … but for now, it is fun to defend the galaxy online from time to time.


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