Best game ending … according to the Guiness book at least

So, let’s say there’s a survey done by Guinness (no, not your favourite stout) out there probably no one has ever known about. Have you? Rabidgames surely hasn’t!
Let’s say that mysterious poll contains the incredible amount of 13.000 gamers’ opinions.
You already know the result is sad, don’t you?

There you go:
As of now, Call of Duty: Black Ops happens to have the best video game ending … ever. Yes, ever!

This travesty will be etched in ink in the “Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer’s Edition book” (anyone ever heard of it?). By the way, the second-best game ending is to be found in Halo: Reach. Pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Rabidgames means – come on, what the fuck, that’s fucking insane!

In this Eurogamer article, you can see the whole list – and of course, it is full of bullshit.
There are some more weird, glancing examples something’s not right with that fucking list:

19. Mass Effect 2 … 30. Mass Effect
How’s that possible? “Oh look, a terminator reaper” is supposed to be a better story than “Let’s reveal who’s behind Saren’s plot including a nice little twist”? Really?

21. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves … 32. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
OK. How on earth can “slaying some generic Eastern European warlord-turned-supervillain-after-eating-superjuice-from-magical-tree” beat “confronting your allegedly gone rogue mentor in a field of flowers”? Please, someone explain it to Rabidgames! Clearly, everyone, absolutely everyone who has played both titles would come to the conclusion Snake Eater wins in any regard.

11. Super Mario Bros
28. Sonic the Hedgehog
What? There you go. Rabidgames is speechless. Well done, survey.

Rabidgames cries: No, no, no. The survey for the “best game ending” must have happened among 13 year old COD players (presumably online why there were playing said crap). It’s the only explanation for this absurd outcome. No one in their sane mind would nominate any COD game for the best ending ever. Never!
And guess what? Irony is Rabidgames played only Black Ops and watched exactly that ending! So please, someone explain what makes it good or stand apart! PLEASE!!!

One thing is damn sure though – if those Guiness World Record guys always work and research like this, those books are full of lies.


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