Darkness in Amalur: Rabidgames’ first impressions

Ok, so Rabidgames has been playing both games for roughly 6 hours each. What does he think?
Are the games worth the money?
Are they fun?
And which one is better?

Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning

To make it short – KoAR is everything Molyneux had promised Fable would be, yet never became.

The basic game mechanics are indeed pretty similar to the Fable franchise but there is far much more content backing up each one of them: Weapon crafting (note to Skyrim – you can salvage your unwanted weapons, too), Sagecrafting (creating powerful gems), Alchemy … all these elements come together nicely. The fighting has a nice Diablo touch although you can build some nice attack combos with your two weapons and magic attacks.

There are tons of quests even in the very first sector of KoAR (and the map is freaking huge), even more loot to find (think of Diablo, Dead Island and Borderlands) and there definitely is some replayability – depending on your skills, you might completely miss certain aspects like hidden treasures, stealing or disarming magic traps.
The story? Rabidgames has no clue whatsoever! There are way too many distractions everywhere.

Believe Rabidgames, KoAR definitely is a RPG, not a mere hack’n’slay in a mere role playing gown!
Buy and play!

The Darkness II

Jackie is back, and of course, he has some vengeance on his mind.

The Darkness II is food for those starving from indigestible standard military/sci-fi shooter pabulum – it feels fresh and is damn fun to play! Of course, the bloody kills and gory executions are part of the fun – and Jackie seemed to have played some Bulletstorm because in The Darkness II, the same rule applies: Creativity nets more points. Also, simply shooting enemies is lame when you can dismember them and eat their hearts, right?

The Darkness II is also one of those few games which are driven by a great narrative and dynamic storytelling: Between gory and lead-filled missions, there is enough time to talk to your family – and your other family, too. Don’t listen to those dumbasses who claim you can finish The Darkness II within 4 hours – yes, you can do so – if you are that fucking stupid to never talk to anybody and completely miss out on the great atmosphere this game has to offer. There is one scene which could well be the most hilarious scene ever seen in a video game: Imagine a mobster in an asylum thinking he is Adolf Hitler. Rabidgames swears you’ll piss your pants!

However, Rabidgames still thinks the comic look is weird – the more realistic graphics suited the first part way better. But anyway, The Darkness II is one of those rare shooters that stands apart from your Clone of Duty mediocrity!

Rabidgames commands: Buy both (if you can and if you like both genres, of course). While KoAR is a proper RPG which will keep you occupied for dozens of hours, The Darkness II is a dynamic shooter with a good story (although Rabidgames hasn’t it finished it yet, the story is insane).


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