That BAFTA time of the year again

Ah, BAFTA time again.

If you have no idea what the hell Rabidgames is talking about, please have a look here:
Click and win stuff (if you’re incredibly lucky)

Anyways, remember how everyone at dinner parties is always talking about “are games art”?

What better chance could there ever be than to nominate innovative and creative and artful games like … Modern Warfare 3. Are you kidding me? Oh yeah, Black Ops won in 2011 …

We shouldn’t be surprised that it’s just all about some more marketing and not about rewarding developers who work their asses of to create something new and unique. Rabidgames means, look at the Oscars … Well, if you see who is tasked to chooses the nominees, guess what – it ain’t a surprise:

Each jury will comprise between seven and nine industry practitioners across a range
of developers and publishers and will
be chaired by a member of the BAFTA Video Games committee.

Would you be surprised to find employees of the likes of EA, Microsoft or Nintendo in that “impartial” jury?

Alright, alright, let’s see the nominees (of course, Rabidgames hasn’t played all of them) and let’s find out which games are worthy of winning – and which titles shouldn’t be there at all:

Batman: Arkham City
Rabigames couldn’t really get into Arkham Asylum (boring repetitive fighting mechanics), but its successor looks better, more interesting – and it is open world! Plus, it seems all the characters in Arkham City make Batman fans cry out of joy …

Battlefield 3
It could have been something great – in theory. But why the fuck did the campaign follow the Michael Bay example of COD? Except stunning graphics, it doesn’t offer anything worthwhile. Has the MP changed at all? No thanks.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Hell no! Come on guys, don’t reward those lazy cunts for doing the same crap year after year after year. The only reason this abomination which completely ignores innovation or creativity is even in the list is imply the absurd amount of copies the CrapOD still sells. Sad.

We got a new engine which sadly failed in practice. Also, PES has come back to Rabidgames’ 360 – and it beat FIFA 4:2!

L.A. Noire
Team Bondi (R.I.P.) and Rockstar definitely were up to something, but somewhere between the amazing facial motions, the great sombre atmosphere and the interesting story they forgot one thing: the gameplay itself was lacking. You did the same stuff over and over again. Shame. But from an aesthetic point of view, the game was great (especially with black and white filters).

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Zelda is usually something Rabidgames is at least remotely interested in. But being forced to play with motion controls and therefore looking like an idiot – no. Even amongst the hardcore Zelda fans, Skyward Sword received mixed critique. And again, where is the innovation? Oh, Rabidgames forgot, it’s hidden in the wii mote controls …

Now, Minecraft is not Rabidgames‘ kind of game. But hats off to Notch for trying something completely fresh. All the stuff people have done in Minecraft‘s strange Lego-like world is simply amazing. If you want to vote for creativity, here’s one of your choices.

Portal 2
Speaking of creativity, we should not forget Portal 2! The game managed to combine action, puzzles and humour with innovative gameplay. Valve even integrated cross-platform gaming (of course, the 360 missed out due to Microsoft being whiny asses). Don’t you think we should reward Valve for this portal-gun joyride?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Skyrim surely wins in the content category: tons of quests, places and dungeons, a huge world and hours upon hours of exploration. While the Viking-style setting offered a fresh northern breeze, the gameplay and style still somehow felt like an updated version of Oblivion. But a perfect one – in terms of immersion, Skyrim beats most games easily. If it wasn’t for the broken PS3 version, Skyrim would be anyone’s bet. It is Rabidgames‘ anyway.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
Surely it offers amazing visuals, but when it comes down to gameplay, it still is the bastard child of Lara Croft and Marcus Fenix. Oh, and what’s that? Rabidgames heard Indiana Jones was just asking for a paternity test … Popcorn games deserve no honour. Or can you imagine Transformers 4: Pluto’s Dark Secrets winning an Oscar?

Rabidgames muses: It’s up to us gamers to choose which games we support. This year, we could either reward blockbusters which are brainless sales machines with minimal changes (FIFA and the likes of Battlefield 3, MW3 , Uncharted 3 … hmm, is there a pattern), games which offered amazing gameplay (Batman, Skyrim, Zelda) – or we choose innovation and dare to take the art approach and choose Minecraft or Portal because of its visions or maybe L.A. Noire for its great story.

Well, we all know what will happen in the end, don’t we?


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