Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer looks interesting … damn you!

No, Rabidgames does not approve of random multiplayers put over singleplayer games just to appeal to casual COD drones.
Yes, Rabidgames still thinks the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 is unnecessary.

However, this fucking trailer makes it look good and even worse, actually interesting:

Here’s the thing: Rabidgames really wants to play as a Turian, Asari or mighty fucking Krogan!

But why stop there? We need more races. While a thresher maw would be an awesome addition, here are some more realistic suggestions for awesome multiplayer characters in Mass Effect 3:

Level 5: Batarian (Thief)
Level 10: Volus (Engineer)
Level 15: Geth (Infiltrator)
Level 20: Elcor (err, Vanguard??)
Level 25: Rachni (mind-controlling Adept)
Level 30: Yahg (Soldier, of course, they would even put Krogans to shame)

Rabidgames feels confused: On the one hand, multiplayers put Rabidgames off. Even OK-ish ones like the Assassin’s Creed multiplayer don’t have much appeal in the long run. But being able to play a Krogan war machine sounds really, really intriguing. Curse you, Bioware, for luring me into your multiplayer scheme!


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