The Witcher 2 or A Gaming Miracle

For a change, Rabidgames has got very good news: The proper RPG The Witcher 2 will arrive at the Xbox 360 on 17 April.

Developer CD Projekt has just announced this glorious piece of news – and wait, it gets even better:
Xbox 360 users will receive the “most polished and definitive” version of The Witcher 2 to this date.

But the Polish developers don’t stop there. The Witcher 2 will come to the 360 with a new intro cutscene, more than half an hour of new video sequences, up to four hours of additional gameplay, two new stories, new characters, new locations, an improved camera system, a new target-lock, a new menu (probably optimised for the 360) and overhauled controls.

This means we will get all DLC so far – for free.

This news is incredibly unbelievable and unheard of in this days and age. Come on, we live in an era where you usually get fucking horse armor, two meagre weapons or yarn as pricey DL”C” (although the yarnie vehicle in Saints Row The Third is awesome).

The Witcher 2 comes on two discs (yay, who doesn’t like switching discs?) and will cost £45 – including a “quest handbook”, a soundtrack and a world map.
There will be a special edition, too. You’ll get a special box, and art book, a DVD which contains the making of The  Wticher 2, a medallion (OK …) and three amazing stickers – if you think those goodies are worth 60 quid.

Sadly, CD Projekt have jumped on the “different pre-order DLC” bandwagon …
Still, if you want to reward a developer for not being a greedy cunt, Rabidgames commands: pre-order or buy The Witcher 2.

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