The new Xbox 360 Dashboard a.k.a. Fugly Mess

It’ s been some time now since Rabidgames has started using the new dashboard … which is still a massive mess.

To those who don’t agree, here’s a small test:
Please find the DLC “Manhattan Project” from the underrated RTS R.U.S.E.
Good luck.

Basically, all gaming-related contents (except the game in your tray) are now part of a section which is located past and beyond the likes of social applications and video options … in a device which allegedly resembles a gaming console: Games. WTF, Microsoft?

Rabidgames has some more questions:
Where is the list with all the games Rabidgames has ever played (no, not the achievements list)? Give it try. “All” your games now is defined as your 30 most recent games, while there are 19 games in Rabidgames‘ “Recently played” list. Excuse me?
Where has the list of Rabidgames‘ (not many) 1000/1000 games gone?
Why do we scroll lists from left to right now? Do you want to have a similar design in Windows 8? Lists from left to right? Really?
Oh, here’s one more task. You get a cookie from Microsoft if you find their well-hidden easter eggs: The indie games. Good luck.

This list of weird, confusing and misleading stuff could go on and on and on. And on. It doesn’t make sense. At all.

It’s safe to say comfortability is not a strong point of the new dashboard and Microsoft obviously discarded the term “user-friendly”. Remember when 360 fanboys were gloating over the hilariously bad design of the PS3 menus? The joke’s on us now, the tables have turned.

Aesthetically speaking, the dashboard is fugly. Plain and simple.
It does not even look like it has been designed for HD TVs when everything is centred and the edges are devoid of anything; “edges” actually meaning “half of the screen”.  And we are all forced to look at big ads. Great. Just start your 360 – you got big ads for stuff you don’t care about and a small window which tells you “oh yes, there’s the game you want to play, but look it’s small, please buy some stuff.”

Ok, so it is uglier than most wet dreams of modern artists and navigation makes you wonder if the Titanic was run by the dashboard’s creator. But is it any good?

Well, for once, you start your console and press one button and you’re in your latest game. The small window below your game in the tray lets you choose from your 10 most recent applications – comes in handy if you like Arcade games. Then, there’s cloud saving which is helpful if you want to save games and show them to your friends on their 360 – of course, you could also use a USB device which packs more than 500 meagre MB …

It’s also great for those who want to use a gaming console for social media, listening to music or watching movies, Sky or TV and soon youtube … well, there might be good reasons but a) you can buy movies cheaper, you might have Sky on your TV – and hell, you probably watch TV on your TV and youtube videos on your computer anyway. But alright, to each his own …

The Bing bar might be actually helpful (try finding anything using it, you’re fine). And look, it even features voice recognition. So let’s just use our good old headphones and … oh no, it’s Kinect only. Of course. Anyway, beside it being Kinect only and beside the “keyboard” being a bad joke, the Bing search is quite useful when you know what you’re looking for. If you don’t have fun browsing and getting lost on the new dashboard … Rabidgames‘ new favourite pastime.

Rabidgames says: Obviously, the Xbox 360 is no longer a gaming console with some other bonus stuff – it is now a multi media powerhouse you might also use for gaming. That’s a sad thing for approximately 95% of all 360 users. But worse, the new dashboard simply sucks. The design is uglier than fuck, navigation is clumsy at best and illogical and time-consuming at worst and the few good things are easily outweighed by the sheer nonsense Microsoft chose to impose on us.

But hey, what do you expect when the most important thing on a gaming console is to bring it in line with Microsoft’s other toys? Yeah, that’s really more important than a good service for gamers these days …


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