Call of Duty or Hollywood goes gaming

Rabidgames sincerely apologises for not getting it. What is so great about the Call of Duty series? The heavily scripted single player which offers no choices at all and makes Final Fantasy XIII look open world? Or the ordinary multiplayer which is simply a “shoot first, kill first” on an endless and boring loop? Why does such a mediocre franchise sell millions and millions of units?

Year, by year, millions of shooter freaks buy the same game again … and again … and again. For the love of gaming, why?

Could it be because of the campaign? Certainly not!

While the story of Black Ops wasn’t that bad, presentation and gameplay were. The same engine and graphics since Modern Warfare 1, no freedom to do anything, just heavily scripted events, and each mission is nothing more than a hectic race against the game itself. Even if you control a helicopter it feels as if you fly on rails … and creating that feeling is quite something! Oh yeah, let’s not forget campaigns in CoD games last 5 meagre hours – if you’re trying to take it slow.

Could it be because of the multiplayer?

Well, first of all, Rabidgames doesn’t like multiplayer. In fact, Rabidgames deems multiplayer boring in the long term. So, let’s just assume the CoD multiplayer is good – but even it was, ain’t it still the very same shit it had been in MW1? There are some microscopic changes, some new perks and stuff like that – but at the core, it is the same over and over again …

So why are people CoDrones and buy annual updates?

Ever heard of Fifa? It’s the same principle here, guys. For once, it’s fucking hype over substance. The other thing is truly mean: As soon as the new game is released, everyone deserts the old one – if you want to keep playing multiplayer, you have to simply switch, too. What a smart strategy, eh? Rabidgames just wonders whether he should hate Activision more for ripping the audience off on an annual basis or whether he should despite the common gamer for falling for it again and again. Tough choice.

And then we have DLC. One map “pack” which is usually consists of one more map (or two if Acticision feels gracious) costs 15 bucks. You gotta be kidding Rabidgames! And as of this year, we also have the infamous Elite – another fucking PR monster born from capitalism’s festering womb to milk the dumb cash-cow to death. But here’s the thing – no one gives a fuck! Everyone buys. No one even complains any more about over-priced stuff and half the content removed from games (well okay, let’s not go there, that’s another story)!

Rabidgames says: Why anyone would buy some games where the deciding factor of games is under-developed is way beyond Rabidgames‘ understanding. And yes, Rabidgames is talking about gameplay. Even as a multiplayer noob, the multiplayer of Battlefield 3 looks ten times more interesting. And the singleplayer campaign in COD games is a bad joke anyway.

It is hopeless. Good riddance, CoDrones, swallow your annual updates and your buttload of DLC. Maybe ones day, you’ll wake up and realise your oblivious blindness to the system. For now, the CoD franchise is just a symptom of the industry … and by far the worst!

Furthermore, just take a close look at Hollywood: movies are fucking crap these days – no innovation, same old shit day in, day out. And that’s Hollywood at its best! Let’s not talk about awful remakes or Transformers part 23457 … CoD is absolutely the same. Sure, why change a winning team if you can feed people buy annual updates? Why creating a unique experience when your audience are mainstream sheep baaing for the same shit? So we should not only blame Activision, we should also blame ourselves for buying the very same crap for years without even realising!


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