Mass Effect 3 … and an action mode? Really? Really?

Oh, we RPG lot seem to be a sad and forlorn breed – especially when it comes to the once beloved, praised and adored RPG behemoth Bioware these days. First, we got Dragon Age 2, an action RPG light with weird dungeons that all looked the same for some reason and a complete lack of customisation compared to its predecessor Origins. Now, it seems Mass Effect 3 gets worse day by day by day by day by day by day – but let’s start from the beginning:

It all started to hit the fan when Bioware was telling us ME3 should play more like a shooter … which means even more emphasis on the team-oriented shooting bits, of course. Consistently, the inclusion of grenades and melee attacks has transformed ME3 into a new strange being, let’s call it Gears of Mass War 3 (or GoMW3) for now.

Remember how Bioware promised “no multiplayer” in GoMW3? Haha, it turned out to be a fucking filthy lie. At the moment, here’s where we poor bastards stand: The multiplayer in GoMW3 is a – quite likely sub-par, mediocre – GoW Horde Mode (not to be confused with Saints Row The Third‘s “Whored Mode”) which can contribute somehow to the success of the campaign (PR terms for “makes it a cakewalk”) but it is entirely optional. For now. We’ll see if that’s just another promise broken.

Attention, folks, better sit down: All the sad stuff above pales in comparison to the latest news:

The demo of GoMW3 will have 3 different modes to “enjoy” the experience!
Is Rabidgames kidding? No.
Is there any hope, this and other similar videos are just elaborated fakes? Abandon hope unless you believe in world peace, too.
Rabdigames hears you say “but maybe it’s only for the demo” … ok, let’s believe in world peace then.

Anyway, just have a quick look at the 3 different ways to “play” GoMW3:

1. Action Mode

This vile abomination seems to be “for those who want to emphasize action and combat and minimize story management.
Action Mode will set automatic replies in conversation and normal difficulty.”

2. Story Mode

This mode is “for those who want to emphatize story immersion and minimize combat pressure.
Story Mode will set manually-selectable replies in conversation and a minimal combat difficulty.”

3. RPG Mode

The only valid option! It is “for those who want to explore both realms of story and combat.
RPG mode will set manually-selectable replies in conversation and a normal combat difficulty.”

Ok, Rabidgames admits to be quite speechless.

However, Rabidgames feels obliged to comment on this incredible travesty:
What the god-damn reaper fucking hell is wrong with you guys at Bioware? Are you serious? Are you out of your mind? Has the Evil A blackmailed you to betray every fucking thing Bioware has ever stood for? Do you really want to attract CoDrones to GoMW3? Do you want to turn a fucking Role Playing Game into another lobotomised shooter?

And now, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the 60 $ question: How in the fucking world do you think it will be possible to give your loyal fan base and your die-hard fanboys and fangirls (by the way, Rabidgames would love to see their reaction to that news on their faces!) a proper story when the very same story will be part of the casual action mode? How?

But even worse, the worst might be yet to come:

Rabidgames fears: The near future is bleak – but let’s have a look at the distant future: Imagine Bioware pulls off this crap successfully: Will each and every RPG be watered down in the first place only to appeal to braindead trigger happy soap watching inbred morons who are just too lazy to read two motherfucking lines of dialogue because those guys are now your prime target audience? And then, will corrupted companies like Bioware be always that noble and generous to give us some creamy sour options on top it so we get at least the sweet feeling of playing an actual RPG with deep gameplay and a proper story?

But behold, there is a bracon of hope on the horizon. As long as Bethesda doesn’t give a dragon’s shit about multiplayer and dumbed down RPGs, there might be some glimmer of hope. Embrace it as long as it shines!


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