Rabidgames’ prediction for GTA V

In a couple of hours, Rockstar will enlighten us with some news about Grand Theft Auto V.

Now, the most important question is: Where will GTA V take place?

Here are some possible answers:

7. Liberty City
Rather unlikely. GTA IV played there, GTA III played there, plus New York has become blatantly boring.

6. Los Santos
On the one hand, L.A. is the perfect background for any GTA game: Crime, gangs, fame, sex, it’s all there for taking.
However, Los Angeles has been the stage for many, many games – notably L.A. Noire earlier this year. It would fit, yes, but it would also be boring.

6. Some new city
Rockstar could surprise us with a completely new setting, maybe even outside the U.S. GTA in Tokyo, Rio or maybe Ireland?
It would surely be interesting. But hasn’t Rockstar always stated that a big part of GTA is the pursuit – and the parody – of the American dream?
Of course, GTA V could also take place in another American city … but where would that be? Baltimore? Detroit? Washington D.C.?

4. San Fierro
San Francisco would definitely be a new and fresh setting. Didn’t we all enjoy driving up and down the iconic hills in San Andreas?
But somehow San Fierro doesn’t offer vital things to the GTA series: Sex, gangs and a truckload of violence.

3. San Andreas
The whole state of San Andreas in HD. Oh yes, that would be awesome. Let’s not forget Just Cause 2 proved huge maps work fine.
However, the GTA series has always had way more traffic and way more details. It is quite doubtful the consoles could manage a map the size of San Andreas AND the graphics of GTA IV.

2. Vice City
Ain’t this our dream? Visiting the flair of Vice City again?
A generation ago, Vice City followed Liberty City – so why would Rockstar not repeat this step?
Vice City would be perfect and logical. But will Rockstar choose an easy option?

Now it is time for Rabidgames‘ prediction. Ladies and Gentlemen, Rabidgames presents:

1. Las Venturas
Yes, Rabidgames predicts Las Venturas as the main city of Grand Theft Auto V. Why?
First, Las Venturas offers all we crave: Money, sex, glamour, mafia and violence. Imagine starting as a poor loser who cannot afford to enter a casino – and ending up as a kingpin. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Rabidgames says: After guessing the “where”, there is another really important question we should not forget: “When”. To guess about when is pretty pointless; there are too many rumours (from 1910 to now).

Just one thing, Rockstar: Please don’t give us one more gritty city with nothing to do. Please bring back the fun in GTA. Please give us a shitload of customization options. Please make us the boss again. If you do that, the where and when won’t really matter.


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