Is GTA V San Andreas HD?

First of all, if you haven’t watched the first trailer for GTA V yet (for whatever weird reason that will surely be beyond Rabidgames), you can do so here.
Ok, now you know what we’re talking about.

So it seems Rabidgames was wrong. The setting of Grand Theft Auto V will take place in Los Santos.
No Las Venturas then. No casinos, no desert. Damn!

Presumably Los Santos, that is. We don’t know how big the map will be so it could well be Rockstar recreates the amazing state of San Andreas a second time. However, Rabidgames deems it rather unlikely. Especially the Xbox 360 could not handle 3 huge cities without dying. Then again, swapping discs would be an option. Well, we’ll see.

There are some hints GTA V will cover more than just the city area of Los Santos: We see a big mountain (Mount Chiliad?), a golf course (was there a golf course in Los Santos?) and at 1:03, the city in the background looks a bit like Las Venturas – just put San Andreas in your console, hope you still have a save file and take a look at Las Venturas from the West …

Back to the facts. Sadly, Grand Theft Auto V will play in present times … no going back to the 90’s or 80’s. We can clearly see the Vinewood sign and the cop cars say Los Santos, too … so Los santos is confirmed without a shadow of a doubt, and quite likely Hollywood as well. The mountain and the vineyards give us some hope there will be some countryside again … a place sadly missed in the gritty GTA IV.

As for protagonists, we have an old guy talking (Tommy Vercetti?) and a younger latino guy living a rich lifestyle. Now there are lots of possibilities: Either you play one of them or both – or somebody else. At least one of them seems to be filthy rich so you’re no poor immigrant who earns shitloads of money but can’t do anything with it. Oh yeah, take a look at the homeless guy at 0:58 – looks like our old pal Niko Bellic, doesn’t he?

Oh yeah, one more thing. People get hyped and think the game must play in the whole state of San Andreas because of the license plates. Yes, they read San Andreas … but that only means that Los Santos is located in San Andreas, and that’s about it. Unfortunately, it’s no valid proof.

Rabidgames says: The trailer looks good, that’s for sure. But let’s remember GTA IV also looked good. But a game needs more than good graphics and good physics. Yes, GTA IV blatantly failed in the gameplay department. Why? Rabidgames played the story once – and that was it. It paled in comparison to Vice City and San Andreas, games with a great setting and great gameplay Rabidgames still visits.

We don’t give a fuck about realism and stories about nobodies who remain nobodies – we want action and glamour! Let’s hope Rockstar learnt its lessons.


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