Saints Row: The Third’s ingenious Initiation Station

Finally, Volition and THQ unleashed the Initiation Station for Saints Row: The Third.

And yes, it absolutely fucking awesome! Rabidgames loves it.

There are tons of options to choose from. You can choose trivial stuff like the form the face or how skinny or fat your character should be. Then you have more weird stuff: Wanna have an obese warrior with shiny red skin? check? Wanna have a muscular punk who speaks in a girlish voice? Check. Big boobs or a massive dick? Check (There’s a limit even here though – you can’t have dick and tits both at once …).

There are also tons of clothing options from several mascots to revealing lingerie and cop uniforms. Plus you can dress as a pirate! Or you simply cross-dress if you want … the possibilities are not endless but there are many. So if you meet someone in Saints Row: The Third who wears a cop uniform, you can be sure that dude has pretty poor imagination

However, there is some bad news, too.
Volition removed the different clothing layers which means you can’t freely combine bras, shirts and coats anymore. Instead, you can only choose from set combinations. According to our brave developer Volition, it had something to do with better character models in the game and such technical issues Rabidgames won’t bore you folks with. Of course, the tons of clothing options in this demo alone (around 80% of all clothes in the game) make the feeble customisation options in GTA IV want to kill themselves.

Before you go, just have a look at what is possible with Saints Row: The Third‘s Initiation Station.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Rabidgames proudly introduces:

Behold Robo-Saint. Who gives a fuck about RoboCop now?

Rabidgames says: Technically, the Initiation Station counts as a demo. Rabidgames bets it will be a “demo” used very, very often. And the best thing is you can upload (and later download) any character. Well done, guys. The overture is close to perfection, now please just give us Saints Row: The Third! Now!!!


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