WWE ’12: First DLC characters revealed

Ah, DLC …

THQ has just released its first batch of DLC (which apparently got ripped out of the game to make us pay even more money) for the upcoming wrestling behemoth WWE ’12. Have a look at some of the DLC characters and if they are any good at all:

The good

Edge and Christian, both in their classic attitude attire. Now, it’s a shame we won’t have the Dudleys and the Hardy Boys in WWE ’12  to relive the glories of the first TLC matches …

When we talk about the past, we have to talk about the first years of the Heart Break Kid. In WWE ’12, fans can also play the Michaels of old.

Oh yes, the Legion of Doom come to the ring with their legendary shoulder pads. Actually, shouldn’t they have done it in the first place?

The bad

Do we need Brodus Clay? No. Do we want another “monster” aka clumsy fatso? No. Sadly, Brodus Clay is part of our first DLC pack for WWE ’12, too. Well, at least we have one more punching bag …

If there is a limited space for DLC characters, it should be used wisely. Putting 3 commentators in there does not seem to be a wise choice. Yes, it might make sense after the Cole-Lawler feud – but Rabidgames still doesn’t like it. Why not adding some proper wrestlers instead of commentators? O by the way, we don’t need Vince McMahon any more as well!

Rabidgames says: The first DLC pack for WWE ’12 is a mix between great and useless. Rabidgames is not really looking forward to buying this kind of DLC which adds only minor stuff but probably won’t come cheap.


2 Responses to “WWE ’12: First DLC characters revealed”

  1. Seeing as Brodus Clay is the only current roster addition I am glad he will be added. It’s a current WWE game, I watch current WWE and am a fan, so any roster additions are welcome whether they are guys I like or guys I hate.

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