Why multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 is shite

It seems to be official now: The sci fi RPG soap opera Mass Effect 3 will have some multiplayer components. What a great idea, that’s exactly what we’ve all been waiting for … NOT! Let’s be honest: This fucking sucks!

Why, do you ask … come on, don’t you already know why?

First off, we’re talking about a fucking series that was destined and built from the start to be an epic singleplayer series. Singleplayer as in “This is the story of my very own personal commander Shepard and I decide what happens in my fucking game”. So, can anyone on earth please give Rabidgames a proper reason why there will be some multiplayer poured over it? Can anyone even think of one?

Ok then, since we’re all on the same side here let’s start why this is fucking awful: Think of all the time the developers could have put into an awesome singleplayer experience. Instead, they waste their time not only building the multiplayer, but probably also looking for a retarded explanation how they can tell it to us. Even if Mass Effect 3 has now 30 hours of campaign gameplay, it could have been 20 more hours we could have spent in our very personal Mass Effect universe …

At least, there is hope the multiplayer will be separated from the campaign. Then why isn’t it some fucking DLC? Make it optional so we see if people really want it, damn it!

Bioware, what have you done? Are you doing this crap on purpose? Why do you keep pissing your loyal fans off royally? This generation will be known as “the generation Bioware sold its soul” … First, you dumb Dragon Age 2 down and try to recycle maps in a ridiculous way hoping no one will realise … you failed. Then you tell your fans Mass Effect 3 should be more like Gears of War so you have more shooting action and completely pointless melee attacks. And there should have been a reason why grenades were removed in Mass Effect 2 … probably because they were pretty useless in the first game? But yeah, more shooting demands melee and grenades, right? People will not even realise this is a RPG anymore …

But let’s face it, Bioware doesn’t deserve all the blame, EA deserves some as well. Is it pure coincidence Mass Effect 3 will have a multiplayer just when EA introduced its rip-off online season pass thingy? Is it coincidence Bioware games become all dumbed down and more accessible so even more people can buy them? Ain’t that EA’s strategy?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t fucking matter whose fault this stupid decision was. Fact is, our money goes down the multiplayer drain in a game that simply does not need multiplayer. At all. If this crap is the future of gaming, we should all buy Skyrim ten times just to thank Bethesda for giving the multiplayer dollar signs a big fat fucking finger!

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